The 1002CoffeeCompany was founded in January of 2022, by Karen Scott-Sassadeck, in Eagle, ID. Karen is the owner and decided to start this business to share her love of coffee with everyone. 1002CoffeeCompany offers rich and robust, premium small-batch, roasted in America Coffee. From our famous Cowboy Blend, to our Blond Roast we provide over 48 of the highest quality coffee selections; light, medium and dark roasts are available. Our beans are the highest quality Arabica beans (some include Robusta for additional caffeine – for the not so faint of heart) sourced from all over the world. Never bitter, our coffee is smooth, rich and robust.  From the day your order is placed, your order is processed in 3-5 business days, roasted the same day it is shipped, right to your doorstep. We Love Coffee, And You Will Love Our Coffee Too!